Pursuit Classics - About Us

During years David (1972 Land Rover 109 & 1973 Honda CB250N which was bought on the way to his local bakery) and Jorge (1973 Porsche 911 2.4T Targa US model) have been sharing the passion for old fashioned mechanics, always in the hunt for original parts and skilled artisans worldwide ready for the challenge of returning classic beauties to their original glory. At some point we realised that even sharing the same hobbies we could help each other only on a very limited way. The idea of Pursuit Classics was born!


Help others to keep the engines running!!

Maybe some of the old car or motorbike parts you don´t need are exactly the ones someone else is waiting for. This is the place to sell what you don´t need or buy the parts you have been looking for!


Not everyone can fix your classic car with the love she deserves; neither every trader can find the vintage bike you dream of. There are some vintage specialist temples around the world looking to pursuit the perfect classic. We are eagerly keen to find them for you too.


You are not the only one who loves seeing vintage machines in perfect condition and running in the streets, please post those beautiful pictures and share with all of us. We also like those odd stories about that unknown engine or that special car or those stories your grandparent told you while he was an engineer for that brand that disappeared decades ago. Do you want to write about them so we all learn?
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